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Single Vision

Single Vision lenses correct one field of vision— either near, intermediate, or distance. The lens thickness will be determined by a combination of the strength of your prescription and the frame within which the lenses are being fitted.

Available in two tiers:

Premium - ZEISS house lens with XXXX coatings

Premium Plus - ZEISS ClearView with XXX coatings

Frequently asked questions

How much are the lenses and what extras are available?

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What thickness of lens am I likely to need?

The parameters below give a general indication of what thickness lens you are likely to need based on your prescription. Rest assured that our qualified dispensing team will advise what the best options are for your specific needs when they email you. This is based not only on your prescription but also the frame that it is being put into.

  • 1.5 Standard 0 to +/- 2
  • 1.6 Standard 0 to +/- 4
  • 1.67 Standard 0 to +/- 6
  • 1.74 Standard over +/- 6

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