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How to Choose Your Frames

How to choose your frames

At FINLAY, our mission is to create spectacles and sunglasses as individual as our wearers.

The most rewarding part of what we do is seeing our frames paired beautifully with your personality, lifestyle and optical needs.

There’s no face like home

Frames styles that look most at home on you tend to be the opposite to your face’s shape, creating a visual balance. For example, if you have a round face, try a squarer, more angular frame to deflect the roundness, moving the focus to your features (and great choice of eyewear) instead. Face shapes can generally be identified into these following categories:

Material goals

When it comes to what your frame is made of, acetates or metals are the two most widely used materials in the industry for their practical and desirable qualities. It really does come down to personal choice whether you prefer the look and feel of one or the other. Your prescription will sometimes dictate which option to go for, but we’ll explain more about that in the next part...

Acetates will give you a multitude of colours to choose from and are available in much bolder shapes. Metals have a more delicate, traditional quality. Some designers have also created frames that combine the two materials, for those who want something more unusual.

We use only the finest Mazzucchelli acetate for our frames, engineered to be lightweight and naturally hypoallergenic. Our metal designs will give an even lighter feel to a more sensitive wearer. Nose pads will be more apparent on metal frames compared to an acetate frame, which may have a bearing on your preference as well.