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It feels like so often the change-makers, the free-thinkers, the big-dreamers who are exploring innovative ways to create products that are good for people and the planet are found in these small independent brands.
Think differently, think independent.

Championing great independent brands and local business is at the core of what we do. Our FINLAY brand is built around this premise. That’s why we showcase a curated selection of our favourite iconic independent brands from all over the world in our stores, alongside our FINLAY collection, to add a little extra discovery for our local customers.

Why are we so passionate about supporting independent brands?

How long have you got?… Seriously though, perhaps most importantly we love the experience of discovery. Finding unique products which have been lovingly created, and obsessed over, by passionate founders and teams pouring their heart and soul into every inch of their creation.

More than just a number

When you shop with an independent brand you are more than just a transaction, you become part of the family.  We are often blown away by how many thank you cards; emails; messages; and even cases of wine we receive from happy customers. Our experience is that you’re far more likely to get a little handwritten note with your order, or a lovely interaction with a customer care team, when you shop independent.



We’ve seen great numbers of small independent brands pushing boundaries when it comes to sustainability, forcing larger companies to make impactful changes, and we LOVE that. It feels like so often the change-makers, the free-thinkers, the big-dreamers who are exploring innovative ways to create products that are good for people and the planet are found in these small independent brands.

At FINLAY we’re passionate about sustainability too. We’re on a journey but there’s lots of great things we have already done. For example we have eradicated water wastage in our metal frame production and every little splinter of “waste” metal is recycled back into new raw materials ready to be lovingly turned into a new frame, and our cleaning cloths and spray are both eco friendly. That’s also why we focus on high quality frames that are handmade in Italy that are designed to last, rather than throw-away fashion.

The Economy

2020 has been a turbulent time for us all and independent brands and local businesses, the bedrock of our economy, have been hit pretty hard.  This makes us even more passionate about supporting our fellow independent brands and local heroes.  As the Christmas countdown commences we are urging you to think differently, think independent. Here’s a few of our personal favourites to help you on your way...



Founded by Henry Hales ten years ago. SirPlus has grown from a market stall to multiple central London stores. From up-cycled boxer shorts to a full range of functional wardrobe staples. All with a constant connection to their roots in surplus fabric. Designed with a vision of clothes lasting longer, being worn more often and adapting to a variety of seasons. Not to be missed…



Asceno’s beautiful designs are modern yet timeless and produced in an ethical and responsible way in small batches to reduce excess and waste.

Have a browse through their stunning collection, you’ll find pieces which can be worn in the city, at home, on vacation or even to a party. Who doesn’t love versatility…

Duke + Dexter

duke and dexter

Our favourite London-based footwear label exemplifies the craftsmanship that British independents are so renowned for. They make bespoke, beautifully crafted shoes here in the UK that are a testament to the brand’s commitment to quality and artistry. Renowned for working with athletes, musicians, artists, designers, photographers and pioneers who do things differently, who go against the grain.


What you’ll find at FINLAY

finlay glasses close up

We also hope that you’ll enjoy the many different present ideas we have available, everything from new frames with free personalised engraving, to our range of beautiful accessories. And then of course there’s gift cards. Digital or physical ones. After all, nothing says “I have absolutely no idea what to get you” like a gift card. And sometimes that’s OK, so our gift cards are certified as guilt free.

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