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MOMO Kombucha Co-Founder Lisa shares with us the idea behind starting the brand, advice she lives by and her plans for the holiday season.
FINLAY Meets: Lisa Puddle Co-Founder of MOMO Kombucha

Co-founder of MOMO Kombucha and mother to two little girls (Cece, 6 and Kaia, 4) Lisa, started MOMO with her husband 5 years ago. The idea came after a trip to New York where she first tasted kombucha and loved how it made her feel – a healthy soft drink that was good for your gut was right up her street. They started the business from home but very quickly moved into a brewery at New Covent Garden Market.


Lisa wears Matilda Sunglasses in Champagne €195

Where do we find you? 

MOMO is stocked at Ocado, Selfridges, Whole Foods, Planet Organic and many amazing independent retailers.

What was the idea behind starting MOMO? 

Both Josh and I were working very stressful jobs and we were keen to get more balance into our lives. We fell in love with the brewing process and it was so rewarding to create something that tasted so good. From the beginning we wanted to create the UK’s best tasting, highest quality kombucha so we still brew in small glass jars and never filter our kombucha, so all the goodness is still in the bottle.

Lisa wears Matilda Spectacles in Rose €180

Your go to FINLAY frame? 

Hands down Matilda, I love my everyday specs and my sunglasses.

If you had to pick one, what is your favourite MOMO flavour?

Very hard to pick and it changes all the time but I’d say at the moment it’s Raspberry-Hibiscus.

Lisa wears Matilda Spectacles in Light Tortoise €180

Plans for the Holiday season? 

We’re spending Christmas at Josh’s parent’s house, which is always so relaxing as they are great hosts. Josh also has two sisters which means extra hands with the kids. 

Your favourite MOMO moment of 2023? 

There are so many I’m proud of but here are my top three this year: 1. trip to Yorkshire to meet Robert Tomlinson, the fourth generation farmer that grew the Forced Rhubarb for our Limited Edition Natoora special; 2. our MOMO cold swim event at the end of January where over 80 people turned up for an icey dip followed by coffee and croissants; and 3. our birthday trip to Eastbourne with the team. We’ve got the best team and had an incredible time.

Any New Year's Resolutions for 2024? 

Getting my average step count up.

A quote or piece of advice you live by? 

I’m really into the Stoics at the moment and liked this quote I read the other day: “Make the best use of what is in your power and take the rest as it happens.” I’m definitely not living by this all the time but it’s a good reminder.

Finally, which FINLAY frame you would like to add to your collection?

I love the look of Henrietta in rose.

You can find Lisa via the MOMO kombucha website:

MOMO Kombucha or on Instagram: @momokombucha

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