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This summer, the so-called ‘greatest show on earth’ lands in Japan. The Olympics are on!

Your cultural guide to the Tokyo Summer Games

While only VIPs are allowed to attend, there’s still plenty to see. Both from a sporting point of view and a cultural one.

But with so much to do in Japan, and so much to learn from their incredible lifestyle, we thought we needed a guide.

After all, Tokyo is the most populated city in the world (FYI - there are more pets than children in Japan!). It’s a city that even hires ‘transit pushers’ to stuff commuters into subway cars during rush hour.

To show us around, explain what’s what, and tell us what to look out for, we spoke with Taka - a proud Finlay wearer originally from Japan, and a model in our latest sustainable collection.

We asked, he answered. Here’s everything you need to know about Japan (according to Taka)…


1. What traditional dish is a must-try in Japan?


“Definitely ramen. The ramens you get in Japan is the best. There are so many legendary restaurants around, and you should really go and see how they make ramen. There are hundreds of variations of ramen so you never get bored.”


Raman Japanese Food


2. What 3 things are a must-see in Japan?


You definitely have to see Tokyo, the architecture, it's chaotic traffic and the people. Also Okinawa and Hokkaido which are both located in the South. 

Shibuya crossing


3. You’re pretty handy at snowboarding, so where’s your favourite place to do that in Japan?


“I used to go to Nagano Hakuba, Aomori Appi, and Hokkaido Furano. You can snowboard or ski in so many mountains in Japan. Some of the courses are crazy hard but the texture of snow in Japan is incredibly fluffy.”


4. Japan is known for its style, from the people to the architecture. How would you describe your style?


Mine is inspired by so many things, such as Japanese construction uniforms or sports jerseys. I like clothes that look cool but that are still very functional.

Taka wearing Finlay


5. What was your favourite frame from the new FINLAY Sustainable Collection?


"Kingsley. I like how retro-looking these frames are. Rectangular glasses are rare so that’s a big plus too.”

Kingsley Sunglasses


6. What one thing can we learn from the Japanese way of life?

Wabi-sabi. It’s all about appreciating Japanese aesthetic sensibilities, so finding beauty within simplicity and imperfection.


Want to see Taka in action?

Head to our new sustainable collection to see Taka looking fly in Finlay frames.



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